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Exterior Projector 1000

The Exterior Projection 1000 is an unparalleled, powerful tool for permanent outdoor installations to integrate textures, patterns and graphics for limitless creative exterior lighting designs. With a high-impact, low-maintenance design, this advanced, IP66-rated LED projector offers sharp image quality, dynamic features and great reach over huge distances.

A summary of some of the EP1000’s features are:

  • Flat-field, high-contrast image from high-power LED engine
  • 0-100% electronic dimming
  • Full CMY colour mixing + additional 7-slot colour wheel
  • Animation system for creating animated lighting effects
  • Variable frost for creating morphing effects
  • 2 rotating prisms for creating abstract multi-patterns
  • Strobe and Pulse effects


Image mapping is something many people only relate to video projectors, but it can in fact be done using gobos as well. More robust than video projectors, a gobo projection offers a long term solution for architectural design. As a gobo is a fixed image it cannot be changed or adjusted once created. For this reason it is important to ensure the exact size and position of the projector, gobo and projection surface are carefully calculated to factor in and correct distortions.

We have created the Martin “Line it up” gobo to assist with this process. The gobo projects a grid onto the surface, and detailed photos are taken of the result. The digital artwork used to create the gobo is then used as a template in a digital drawing package to help create the desired custom design.

A site visit and mock-up would usually be required to test the parameters, but we have done this for you. The results can be found in the link along with the “Line it up” templates to trace your artwork over. The “Line it up” gobo artwork can be downloaded using the link on the Entry Requirements page.


Keystoning is required when the projection angle is not perpendicular to the building. This will result in a distorted image. In order to realise graphics or text as intended, Keystone Correction is required. This process of distorting the image on the gobo compensates and corrects the projection.


The focus of the gobo on the projection surface can be sharp or soft, however this focus can only be adjusted to look correct at set distances. For example, if you projected half a gobo at a surface 20m away and the other half hit something 50m behind, you would not be able to achieve the same focus on both surfaces.

In our case we are projecting at an angle where keystoning is not required, and although our gobos are striking the National Theatre at different distances, the EP1000 is sufficiently far away that the visual difference in focus is negligible.

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